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What to Look For In A Caregiver

a-1-in-home-careDeciding to hire a caregiver for your aging parent is a decision that will change the course of your parents care plan and the kind of assistance they receive. Caregivers provide a great alternative to nursing homes and other facilities, as they allow your loved one to age and receive assistance in the comfort of their own home environment. A caregiver provides personalized, attentive, one-on-one care for your parent, making for a customized form of care giving that is hard pressed to find in an assisted living facility.

The real challenge comes in to play when deciding the type of caregiver and individual that will be providing care for your loved one. It is a daunting decision, and can make either a positive or negative impact on the health of your parent. Finding the right individual is important to you and your family, as they will become an integrated and personal part of your loved one’s care and health status. A-1 Domestic Professional Services/A-1 Caregiver Agency, having been in the home health care business since 1991, has extensive experience in matching each family with a caregiver that is the perfect fit for both the client and family. When deciding for yourself the type of caregiver you would like to hire, there are several things to look for.

Professional and Experienced Care for Seniors

Those who choose care giving as their career path are often natural born caregivers, having assumed the role their whole lives and finding great joy in taking care of others. When it comes to providing professional care and assisting with the elderly, especially in terms of the disabilities and challenges they face, professional training and extensive experience count. Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, for example, require a caregiver that has previously dealt with cases involving these given illnesses, in order to understand how different forms of dementia affect the brain and how to interact and communicate accordingly. However, many caregivers perform their duties and exceed expectations, regardless of former experience with that given illness. Depending on your comfort level, finding a caregiver with the amount of experience and training you prefer is a factor to consider. 

Reliable and Companionate Nursing Assistants

While finding a caregiver that is compassionate is a give in, there are also several personality factors to consider when hiring a caregiver. Your aging parent deserves to be taken care of by an individual that is patient when the job becomes difficult. A caregiver that overreacts or appears hostile when performing care giving tasks, will only serve to increase the tension of the situation and make your loved one feel like a burden. The caregiver you hire must also be dependable. Reliability in terms of care is crucial, as specific care needs must be taken care of. A caregiver must be punctual and reliable enough that you can trust they will follow through with your loved one’s care plan. Ensuring that your caregiver will perform given duties you request, such as medication reminders and distribution, will ensure your loved one is receiving quality and personalized care. 

Home Health Aids with Great Personality and Attitudes

a-1what-to-look-for-2As your loved one will be spending a significant amount of time with the caregiver, as you yourself as well, it is important to select a caregiver that is compatible with the personalities of everyone involved. Your mother or father may prefer a home health aid who is more on the quiet, mellow side, as they need someone who will listen to them. Or maybe they would prefer a caregiver who is talkative and very energetic, helping to lift their spirits. The personality of your loved one and the kind of personality type they would prefer to be around are all things to consider when making your selection for the right caregiver.

Finding the perfect caregiver is essential, but finding all of these qualities in one individual can be difficult, if not overwhelming. Fortunately, through A-1 Domestic Professional Services/A-1 Caregiver Agency, we have a team of caregivers that are specifically screened and interviewed not only based on experience, but based on all the qualities described above. We firmly believe in hiring only the most compassionate, patient, and trustworthy individuals to work for you and your loved one. We at A-1 Domestic will also personally match you with a caregiver based upon your preferences and care needs. The right caregiver is never out of reach and quality care is always guaranteed.