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John D. & Gabriel Oliva

Our Team at A-1 Home Care thrives in arranging the utmost in home care service for every client associated with our organization. An even bigger thrill for us is having our satisfied clients confidently refer our service to their family, friends and others in need. In fact, our current featured success story began just like that.

A-1 Home Care had provided superior service to a wonderful family whose mother was in need of care. Our staff and care providers impressed the family so much that they referred our team to another of their relatives whose mental and emotional health began to take a downturn. The moment we were contacted, we knew exactly the person to call upon in assisting us with turning our client, John D’s, dire state around. Gabriel Oliva was the caregiver we specifically assigned to John D. After working with Gabriel for over 5 years, we knew that his charismatic personality and dedicated nature would be the remedy needed to revive John D’s daily living.

After 2 years of great team work put forth by our staff and caregiver, John D’s outlook had been reinvigorated. He is now in a blissful state of mind and enjoys the activities and outings that Gabriel plans out in an effort to keep him mentally and physically active. We are privileged to receive routine visits from John D. and Gabriel and be able to partake in his wellbeing.