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Valerie J. & Olga Arriola / Eva Obelidor

On November 25, 2013, two separate calls were made to A-1 Home Care by two very concerned relatives of Mrs. V. Jones. Mrs. Jones no longer wanted to be confined to the discomfort of a nursing facility and demanded to return to the comfort of her own home. The relatives’ concerns did not arise because of the patient’s request to return home. The worries stemmed from Mrs. Jones’ numerous and critical health issues that required continuous competent and comprehensive care. The client’s complications ranged from a broken pelvis and ribs that strictly paralyzed her mobility and confined her to a bed to having been diagnosed with Diabetes which required her to follow a special diet plan. The question of how and who would be able to provide this type of care in a private home was soon to be answered.

Soon after the family was able to speak and provide information to one of our professional and attentive intake coordinators at our agency, each one of their questions and concerns were thoroughly addressed and seemed to put their minds at ease. Our staff was able to set-up an in home assessment date and time that fit their schedules; and our General Care Manager was able to sit and guide them through the process. In addition to the in home visit, we made arrangements to visit the client at the facility and have our caregivers be oriented on Mrs. Jones’ specific home care needs.

Once Mrs. Jones transitioned back to her home, our skilled care providers were able to monitor and tend to each one of her medical needs. They rigorously kept on top of nursing our client back to good health. The caregivers made sure that all of Mrs. Jones’ personal care assistance needs were met, ate nourishing meals that fit her dietary plan and provided the exercise permitted to assist with her physical therapy demands. In only a span of 4 short months, Mrs. Jones condition had resiliently improved to the extent that she became fully ambulatory and independent once again. Although Mrs. Jones no longer required our service, our team and caregivers took great pride in the magnificent recovery we all were able to contribute to.