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Suzanne S. & Jose Neil Soriano

During the month of February 2011, the daughter of Nancy L. called our office in search of full time live-in caregivers for her elderly mother. Nancy L. had dealt with several health complications throughout the years and just had surgery performed on the leg she fell and broke. Nancy L. was known to have a precise sense of who she would allow to assist her with her needs and she was certainly in need of after surgery care. After interviewing and trying out a few female caregivers, we gave her the opportunity to try one of our most compassionate and dedicated male care providers (Jose Neil Soriano). Nancy L. instantaneously expressed how wonderful Neil performed and decided to keep him on board for her in home care services.

Since Neil has worked so conscientiously with our client, her health and spirit has drastically improved. She is very independent and has become more active. Still, Nancy L is so pleased with the assistance provided to her by Neil that she has managed to keep him and our agency with her over these past 3 ½ years.