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Mary Ann M. & Annie Leon

Initially, Mrs. Mallette connected with A-1 Home Care to cover a few 8-hour shifts per week that the agency she had worked with at the time was not able to properly fill. Mrs. Mallette lived in Arizona so she was not able to easily supervise or perform her parents’ home care needs herself. Because of this, Mrs. Mallette was even more determined to find the best available in home care services for her mom and dad [The Krulacs]. She provided our intake coordinator with specific detailed information pertaining to each of her parents’ daily requirements. Mr. & Mrs. Krulac required total care since both were in their 90’s, diagnosed with severe Dementia, and non-ambulatory. Our agency instantly knew the type of care providers that The Krulacs required and fulfilled the requested schedule right away.

Mrs. Mallette made periodic visits to her parents’ home to make sure that she stayed abreast to their condition and ever changing conditions. Mrs. Mallette paid a visit during the transition of care with our agency. So impressed by our team’s successful placement and caregivers outstanding performance, Mrs. Mallette decided to utilize our services for all shifts (7 days per week).

The Krulacs had required home care for almost 8 years. During this time they encountered different care takers from previous agencies and those provided by A-1 Home Care. But it was one caregiver in particular that we assigned to oversee the clients’ care that the family was most impressed with. Her name is Annie Leon. According to Mrs. Mallette, Annie displayed “extreme attention to detail, an ever caring attitude, compassion, emotional support and patience.” Mrs. Mallette added that her parents, despite their “extreme age and condition were happy, health, and never suffered from any bedsores, dehydration, weight-loss, or infections while under her care.” Annie was said to have gone “far and beyond the normal expectations one has of a Caregiver.”

At the end of the service, Mrs. Mallette provided A-1 Home Care with excellent reviews and a heartfelt letter of appreciation. She thanked our staff for always listening, always searching for the right caregivers for her parents, and always being patient, kind and understanding.