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Maria Carretero

Maria Carretero has always worked in the service industry. She spent 20 years working with a number of high end hotels and restaurants. It has always been in her nature to work directly with people. Throughout her time in the work place, Maria married and had 2 children for whom she dedicated her time to. She spent her days tending to her husband and children. Maria took great pride in her family and was able to prepare them to branch out into the world.

Shortly after her children matured into adulthood, Maria felt that familiar urge to be of some assistance to somebody in need. She had taken care of seniors on a part-time basis throughout the yeas she was raising her family and knew that this could be her calling on a full-time format. She applied with A-1 Home Care in 2006. Maria’s friendly and motherly demeanor quickly one over our clients. She saw herself working with 2 clients in particular that she was assigned to by our staff. The first client she provided exceptional service to last from 2006 to 2012; and the second client from 2012 to 2014. Both families were in great awe of her ability to keep their parents so content and healthy. But in retrospect, Maria seemed to have gotten the most satisfaction knowing that she was able to be such a great relief to our clients and their families.