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In-Home Care for Seniors with Lupus

July 2, 2018

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease which attacks the skin, joints, heart, lungs, blood cells and brain.  Generally speaking, this disease attacks women of child-bearing age, but seniors can still develop elderly-onset lupus.  Symptoms are a little different in seniors than younger adults; the elderly may experience arthritis,lung disease, Raynaud’s syndrome and neuropsychiatric symptoms associated with Lupus.  This inflammatory disease affects approximately 10-20% of older adults ages 50 to 65.  Research shows that elderly women are eight times more likely to develop Lupus than elderly men.

Side Effects of Lupus in Seniors

Osteoporosis is a common side effect in the elderly, since there is a direct link between lupus and bone loss.  A condition which makes the bones brittle and fragile, osteoporosis often goes undetected until an elderly person fractures a bone through a fall.  The risk for falling rises if the senior has arthritis or other condition that makes mobility difficult.  You can help your elderly loved one minimize the risks of falling by having a live-in caregiver around to keep an eye on him or her.  A-1 Home Care offers affordable 24-hour care in Calabasas and surrounding areas, which entails assistance with cooking, cleaning, bathing, grooming, toileting care, transportation and more.  As Benjamin Franklin once said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

About A-1 Home Care in Calabasas

A-1 Home Care is a licensed, bonded and insured agency providing high quality, low-cost senior care services in Calabasas and other cities throughout Los Angeles County.  For over two decades, A-1 Home Care has consistently delivered non-medical in-home careservices for families, and our top-notch caregivers never cease to impress them.  When it comes to quality care, we ensure we exceed your expectations because we care about your elderly loved ones.  Nothing pleases us more than to see your elderly loved ones enjoy their retirement years.  A-1 Home Care is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Our 24-hour hotline will always connect you to a live operator who is ready to answer your questions.

To hire a caregiver in your area, call A-1 Home Care today (818) 980-0094 or (562) 929-8400.