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Live In Services for Seniors

a-1-home-care-services-for-seniorsHome health care for seniors provide an excellent alternative option compared to care in long term facilities or retirement homes. Many seniors these days prefer to stay at home, but may require some assistance around the house or with activities of daily living. Presenting the option of home care to your loved one can be a sensitive topic, especially if your loved one is fiercely independent or hesitant to welcome a stranger into their home. Through the aide of home care assistance, your loved one will quickly learn that home care allows them to maintain, if not increase the level of independence they experience, as well as increase quality of life, and set loved ones minds at ease.

There are many different option for care for seniors, including part-time companions, live-in caregivers, caregivers who assist with housekeeping, cooking, and other household chores, as well as highly qualified and experienced nursing assistants capable of dealing with illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia and their associated challenges. Regardless of your loved ones need, A-1 Domestic Professional Services/A-1 Caregiver Agency provides a multitude of care giving options that are tailored to the needs of your loved one, as well as their schedule and need preferences.

Factors and Home Options

There are also many factors to consider when deciding if home care is the right option for your loved one. Deciding whether or not your loved one should remain at home is a decision that will affect their health status and daily routines. Consider the following factors when deciding on a home care option for your loved one.

  1. Location: Is your loved ones home within an easily accessible distance from shopping centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and medical appointments? Or is a significant amount of driving required to reach these destinations, making you uneasy about the amount of time they will have to spend driving on a daily basis?
  2. Home Accessibility: Is your loved ones home easily maintainable and modified? Consider the fact that in-home extended care may require your loved ones home to be adjusted based on their health status, such as inserting wheelchair ramps and safety rails in hallways. Are there any steep hills or staircases that may make it difficult for your loved one to reach certain areas of the house?
  3. Family and Friend Support: Does family live nearby that can assist your loved one in a time of need or to help with given daily tasks or transportation? Is your loved one connected with their network of family and friends or are they somewhat isolated or avoid social interaction?
  4. Isolation: It can be easy for your loved one to begin to remain in their home more often as their health declines. They may avoid activities and social events they once enjoyed and feel more alone and secluded.
  5. Finances: Does the possible cost of a long-term facility or retirement center seem overwhelming? Would the cost of a facility potentially cause financial stress for you and your loved one?

These given stressors associated with your aging loved one and the long-term planning for their care can be alleviated through the help of a personal, in-home caregiver. Not only will your loved one be able to remain in the comfort of their own environment, but can receive help with all of the given factors listed above. At A-1 Domestic Professional Services/A-1 Caregiver Agency, we believe that seniors who are able to remain in their homes while aging experience a greater quality of life and more independence.

Professional and Experienced Caregivers

Our professional and trained caregivers provide services that include companionship and friendship, interaction through conversation, stimulating activities, and day trips, assistance with ambulation, transfers in and out of beds and chairs, transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping and other errands, meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping and organization, laundry, and activities of daily living that may become strenuous as your loved one ages. A-1 Domestic Professional Services offers competitive and affordable rates, eliminating a great deal of financial stress associated with care giving services. The personal, one-on-one care your loved one will receive will not only increase their quality of life on a day to day basis, but far exceed the personal care they would receive in an expensive retirement community.

For those seniors that are apprehensive or fearful about receiving in-home care, you can be assured that A-1 Domestic Professional Services hires only the most qualified and professional certified home health aides and certified nursing assistants to be a part of our agency. All of our caregivers are personally screened, background checked, and interviewed extensively through face-to-face interviews. A-1 Domestic will also personally match your loved one with a caregiver that is available to provide for them on a schedule they would prefer, the type of care services they are seeking, and an individual that is compatible with their personality.