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Arthritis Care

Caregivers for Seniors with Arthritis

A-1 Arthtitis Home Care The aches and pains stricken from arthritis prevent active seniors all across the nation including Los Angeles from participating in their desired daily activities to the fullest. Assistance by caregivers from Los Angeles In Home Care Agency can help your senior loved one suffering from Arthritis Disease to not only cope with their arthritis pain, but to thrive and experience a greater quality of life. A variety of inhome care services are available such as Arhritic Care, Cancer care, Alzheimer Care, Arthritis Care, Hospice Care, Parkinson Care and Elder Care. We provide service to the residents of Los Angeles, Glendale, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Century City, Studio City, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and other cities in the Los Angeles County area.While your father or mother may long to play a game of Hide and Seek with their grandchildren, keep up their garden, or engage in a favorite pastime, their aching joints keep them immobilized. Our clients gain an independent lifestyle through the work of our Activity Caregivers to involve and engage clients in specialized activities, aimed at making living with arthritis more manageable.

Activities that are included in this lively approach to care include:
  • Exercise: swimming, walking, Tai Chi, along with other low-impact, moderate physical activities that are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation® to help minimize and manage arthritis symptoms
  • Socializing: connectivity and interaction with others is a helpful aspect in arthritis care, in order to take one’s mind off the pain and lift the spirit
  • Pursuit of hobbies: focusing on and engaging in pleasurable activities
  • Assistance with household cleaning and chores, errands, and activities of daily living
  • Medication reminders
  • Transportation needs

Overburdening stress, exertion, fatigue, and anxiety can be eliminated with the assistance of a compassionate Caregiver. Through Caregiver support, individuals with arthritis can gain the ability to reclaim their life again and bring their condition under control.

Elderly Care Service for those with Chronic Diseases

A-1 Home Arthritis Care Seniors are presented with a challenge when it comes to remaining active, especially those with arthritis. An inability to remain active can result in poor health, leading to conditions such as frailty. Frailty can also be triggered by the physiological changes and triggers of chronic diseases, such as arthritis. Thus, the conclusive factor that remains essential to good health and avoiding declining health for individuals with arthritis is an active lifestyle with plenty of exercise.

Los Angeles In-Home Care has created several programs designed to help seniors stay physically active, as well as mentally and emotionally engaged. The programs offer activities that encourage Arthritis Caregivers to help seniors engage in lifestyle choices and activities that they not only find enjoyable, but provide for the mind, body, and soul collectively.

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