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After You’ve Exhausted All Your Options with Incontinence Care, Try This

June 18, 2018

Your dear elderly mother recently had to move in with you and your family.  You get along great, and despite her recent fall and broken hip, your loved one has managed to maintain an incredibly positive attitude about life in general.  Even in her 90’s, she is sharp as a tack and does not struggle with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, which is rare for most of the aging population.  Yet there is still one thing that bugs you, that makes you feel like an awful daughter and every day you feel guilty about it – it’s your growing impatience with her hourly need for incontinence care every hour of the night.  Prior to moving her in with you, you had no idea how many times she was getting up at night to use the restroom, but now with her injured hip, she depends on you for constant assistance.  You’ve tried everything:

  • Not giving your elderly loved one liquids in the early afternoon
  • Melatonin or other sleep aids
  • Different types of bedding
  • Exercising more
  • Staying up later
  • Going to bed earlier

Even though she uses Depends or other adult diapers, she does not want to stay in bed when she needs to use the restroom (understandably so).  If you’ve tried all options, including ones that are not listed here, try 24-hour incontinence care from A-1 Home Care.

Reliable, Round-the-Clock Incontinence and Overnight Care at Your Disposal

Sleep deprivation should not be taken lightly.  According to Harvard Medical School, even just one night of sleep deprivation elevates blood pressure throughout the whole day the following day, and it leads to a weakened immune system, cognitive impairment, diabetes, and heart disease.  Getting adequate sleep is crucial, not only for your own well-being but also for your whole family.  A-1 Home Care’s incontinence care services include the following:

  • Assistance with cooking, cleaning, and laundry from a live-in caregiver
  • Bathing, grooming and dressing
  • Compassionate companion care
  • Vigilant overnight care
  • Cleaning up after leaks and accidents
  • Bed linen changes
  • Assistance with pelvic muscle exercises
  • Shopping for recommended undergarments and collection devices

About A-1 Home Care  

A-1 Home Care is one of the few state-licensed agencies in California.  For over two decades, we have been serving seniors and their families all over Calabasas and surrounding areas, such Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks, Sherman Oaks, Malibu, Santa Monica, La Canada Flintridge and Burbank, delivering the highest quality of in-home care in Southern California.  Because we are licensed, bonded and insured, your elderly loved ones are protected from fraud, scams, and predators.  Every single caregiver from A-1 Home Care is thoroughly screened for their criminal background, DMV record and sex offender check.  Our incontinence care services are covered by long-term care insurance and veteran benefits.  Paying out of pocket?  We have something special in store for you too; talk to our care managers about a high quality elder care plan that fits your budget!

To hire a caregiver in your area, call A-1 Home Care today (562) 929-8400.